nathan thomas

I hold a bachelor of fine arts from the university of illinois at chicago and a master's degree in library and information science from the university of pittsburgh. Currently my artistic practice embraces arbitrary systems influencing off-the-shelf color arrangements. I explore methodical processes and mathematical systems which function as determinants. This practice has had a profound influence from my graduate studies, specifically engagements with programming languages and creative code. More broadly, my professional work and artistic practice meet at the intersection of technology and creativity. I am particularly interested in the support structures existing in both these areas - those things which frame, present, and construct, and those which guide, organize and facilitate.

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These paintings derive from a permuting set of colors. The mathematical system behind the composition is an arrangement where order is important and repetition is allowed. The act of rearranging the elements, one basic shape, the rectangle and three colors, is the calculation embedded in the structure itself, as well as in a rhythm across the surface. This structure evolved from a penchant with repetition, arrangement, and enumeration. Using Processing, a program was written to act as a tool that would produce a grid of rectangles structured around a permutation of three colors (n = 3, r =3 / 27 entries). Integrating the notion of permutation allows me to explore color arrangements in an ordered and deliberate way while simultaneously controlling the repetition. view code

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Structures of words formed fragments, created a pattern, then shapes emerged and it was the arrangement of these linguistic elements which form this booklet of poems. The sentence's inability to structure thought in an incoherent manner informed every gesture on these pages. This is a collection of poetry recursive in nature, influenced by personal feelings, tastes and opinions. downloadable / printable.

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creative code

Controlling the repetition, subjecting principles of form, unit forms, the visual and invisible structures, to systematic rules of order and arrangement in pure speed. One can generate an aesthetic object and aesthetic information.

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dos perros projects

dos perros projects is a collaborative curatorial project directed by Alejandro Jimenez and Nathan Thomas. DPP strives to show artists and work relating to humor, attitude, voidness, the absurd and poetics.

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